Great Question!

     Maybe you are asking yourself that very thing, "What's the point?" You've been wondering and heard all the stuff: "church is full of hypocrites", "It's a production and I'm looking for genuine", "It's all about what happens in the building", "Their love doesn't feel like love."

     I get it, the church has a lot of bad press. Here's the point, God loves you the way you are and He is perfect....we're not. Yes, our group messes up, we try though. We do want to engage in authentic worship but understand that what is worshipful for one group may not be for another and so we organize in an effort to meet multiple needs. Ministry here is bigger than simply what happens on Sunday morning. It's more that, Sunday is a celebration of the ministry that happens the rest of the week. I'll be the first to admit, love sometimes does not feel like love but we are earnestly making an effort to be a loving people after the example we find in scripture. So, what's the point? God loves you! The church supports you and while the "ship" isn't perfect it's better to bail water together than tread water alone.